Ouch, almost a year….

Sorry folks for not having posted anything for almost a year.

I didn’t want this blog to go stale, something I objected to on my own blog, but low-and-behold, it’s kind of happened here.

I see thought that there have been a few recent additional comments, thanks Elizabeth and Angela, but we still need more info available for those seeking such, in the Halifax and Nova Scotia region.

If you have any points, observations, suggestions, please add then to the comments. Or, if you don’t want to or can’t post directly to this site, send me an email michelledeere140@yahoo.com.au

Angela, aka Diver123, if you read this, please email me. Thanks.

Lets keep the information coming. In the mean time, have a great summer.




If anybody knows of any events happening in Nova Scotia or the Maritimes that may include aspects of crossdressing, please post links or mention them in the comments section.

July 17-27 2014 are the dates of this years annual Halifax Pride celebration. If your are able to attend any of the events, either in drab or enfemme, let us know how it was. And you never know, maybe in 2015 we can get an organized group of crossdressers in the parade. Here was last years, 2013 events guide. I had no idea how big it was.

Always remember to read through the comments for updates.

Beverages, Food, Good Times and maybe some Shopping

It’s been almost 19 years since the last time I was out in Halifax while dressed.  My wife and I stayed at the Prince George Hotel. I got to walk with here through Scotia Square, around a few blocks and eat supper at the Keg Steakhouse. The next day while she was busy with a business conference, I headed over the the Halifax Shopping Centre and the Sears Outlet store across the way. Mostly just walking around but I did try on some clothes at Sears and all the time never once was I conscious of anybody staring at me. That was 19 years ago…I have no idea where I got the nerve to do it. And I haven’t been out since until recently.

Now that was many years ago. I was younger and more foolish maybe, but now with a family, I wouldn’t have  a clue where to start if I wanted to hit Halifax for some evening entertainment and remain within a safe and accepting environment. But then again, maybe I can still get away with passing in the main stream?

Anyway, I have heard of a few places mentioned where some of our local Halifax ladies have been able to enjoy themselves. These establishments either cater mostly to the LGB (and T) communities: Menx and Mollyz, The Company House and Reflections Cabaret.

Another option for where to eat is to check out what yelp has to say a bout Gay Restaurants in Halifax. I’m just guessing at resent but believe they would also be accepting of crossdressers.

As far as shopping goes, Sobeys, Superstore, Shoppers and the Bay as well at the Mic Mac Mall in Dartmouth have been reported as decent places to go. That’s not saying nobody is going to notice you, so it will depend on your comfort level.

All the major hotel chains seem to be recognized as gay friendly, so again, being professional companies and wanting your money, one would not expect to encounter any problems there.

One major step forward in allowing us to express our feminine selves  is Bill 140 which  “amends the Human Rights Act to explicitly include gender identity and gender expression as prohibited grounds of discrimination and harassment.” Thanks Bill!

So, now its up to you. Add your experience and recommendations and I’ll add mine when I get the chance to hit the city.

Hope to hear from you gals soon.

Welcome to Crossdressing in Nova Scotia

Ok, so over the last many years I have spent a number of hours looking for information on crossdressing on the east coast of Canada and trying to locate fellow crossdressers in the beautiful Atlantic province of ours, but with very little success (go ahead and Google Nova Scotia and crossdresser, not much eh?). Sure there are sites for arranging kinky hook-ups and other activities that may involve crossdressing (not that there is anything wrong with that), but nothing for the more modest dresser, the guy, who may be a son, brother, father, husband, who just happens to like to dress and express his inner womanly feelings or enjoys portray the female image whether occasionally or full time.

There is also a wealth of information on the internet for those of the LGB and T* communities (* though for the transgender this information seems to be aimed at those steering their lives down the transition highway, good on you ladies, love you all). Halifax seems to be a very welcoming city in this regard, but we crossdressers seem to be a very small minority under the T umbrella. There are no social groups or organizations, as far as I am aware, that cater to our desires. I’m sure there are other groups that would welcome us, but who are they? Would an individual feel comfortable in these other groups?

What I hope this blog can do, is to bring together those of us who happen to enjoy this aspect of our lives. This will require your input (suggestions, experiences good and bad) in the form of adding remarks to posted topics. Over time, we can create a repository of information to help crossdressers and their loved ones in and around the province, granted though that things may be Halifax centric. Other crossdressers visiting or moving to Nova Scotia will hopefully be able to find some usable information easily at their fingertips (as long as their long false fingernails don’t get stuck in the keyboard).

So please stay tuned and keep an eye out for new posted topics on things like shopping, dining places to go while dressed. Always open to ideas.

Thanks for dropping by.